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I 59
1. The costs of production and distribution will be approaching zero.
2. As a result, we are flooded with choices.
3. That makes information managers all the more important.
4. Human editors are expensive, code is cheap.
I 62
News/Fake News/False/False Report/Problem: what if the news landscape is so fragmented that corrections of false messages or lies do not reach the individual anymore?
I 82
Community/Media/Pariser: Talent shows gather people in front of the screen, but they do not address them as citizens. This is what the representatives of the old media did.
((s)Vs Pariser: one can find examples of how something appeals to people in a certain way from every era, but perhaps not as a citizen. For example, gladiator fights or sporting events. It would also have to be shown whether a crowding-out process is at work.)

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Pariser I
Eli Pariser
The Filter Bubble: How the New Personalized Web Is Changing What We Read and How We Think London 2012

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