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James Surowiecki on Science - Dictionary of Arguments

I 224
Science/Surowiecki: the fate of Western science is: will it survive the growing commercialization? If the large companies finance a steadily growing share of research, ((s) and) believe that they have to keep information from economic interests secret, this could fundamentally change science.
I 225
Science/Warren Hagstrom: Thesis: Science is not an exchange, but a "gift-giving economy". ((s) Surowiecki does not indicate a source for the quote of Hagstrom).
I 226
Confidence/Science/Surowiecki: actually, there is no need for trust, since experiments have to be repeatable.
I 227
Problem: most experiments are never repeated.

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Surowi I
James Surowiecki
Die Weisheit der Vielen: Warum Gruppen klüger sind als Einzelne und wie wir das kollektive Wissen für unser wirtschaftliches, soziales und politisches Handeln nutzen können München 2005

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