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J.-J. Rousseau on Education - Dictionary of Arguments

Höffe I 282
Education/Rousseau/Höffe: According to [Rousseau's] basic thesis the human is good by nature and is corrupted only by society, though here not by bourgeois society, the >state, but by >civilization, which promotes envy, lies, and pretense. Accordingly, pedagogy consists primarily in a "negative education" which shields the pupil from all harmful influences. Its positive complement, an essentially child-oriented education, promotes a "culture of the heart" with its natural instincts and spontaneous impulses. The true teachers are things and nature(1).
Question: What does a human look like who, shielded from the perishable civilization, is educated in a manner befitting a true, natural human? The answer, thanks to Rousseau's pedagogical foundation, is revolutionary new: without being pressed into the templates of parents or the schemata of society, the child is to be educated entirely as a child, the young person entirely as a young person, i.e. in accordance with his age, by his inner nature. >Development Stages/Rousseau.
Development/Education/Pedagogy/Rousseau/Höffe: (...) above all with the basic idea, the inherent right of childhood (...) Rousseau’s Emile initiated a revolution in pedagogy.

1. Rousseau, Emile, or on Education (Émile ou De l’éducation), 1762

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Rousseau I
J. J. Rousseau
Les Confessions, 1765-1770, publ. 1782-1789
German Edition:
The Confessions 1953

Höffe I
Otfried Höffe
Geschichte des politischen Denkens München 2016

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