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Lawrence Lessig on Internet - Dictionary of Arguments

I 83
Def Internet/Lessig: The Internet is a medium of communication. People do things on the internet, they buy and pay bills.
I 83
Def Cyberspace/Lessig: Cyberspace, by contrast, is not just about making life easier. It is about making life different, or perhaps better. It is about making a different (or second) life.
I 84
Def Code/Lessig: Code is a regulator in cyberspace because it defines the terms upon which cyberspace is offered. And those who set those terms increasingly recognize the code as a means to achieving the behaviors that benefit them best.
I 112
Internet/Susan Crawford: “The miraculous growth of the Internet has in large part come from the nondiscrimination against higher levels. . . . Innovators at the application
layer have been able to assume the continued stable existence of the lower layers.” (1).
I 112
Internet/cyberspace: As with the stories about “cyberspace,” this case about the Internet also
demonstrates the link between architecture and policy. End-to-end is a paradigm for technology that embeds values.Which architecture we encourage is a choice about which policy we encourage. This is true even in the context in which the Internet is not a “place”—even where, that is, it is “just” a medium.

1. Susan P. Crawford, “Symposium, Law and the Information Society, Panel V: Responsibility
and Liability on the Internet, Shortness of Vision: Regulatory Ambition in the Digital
Age,” Fordham Law Review 74 (2005) 695, 700–701.

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Lawrence Lessig
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