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Lawrence Lessig on Democracy - Dictionary of Arguments

I 285
Democracy/cyberspace/Castronova/Lessig: the single most interesting nondevelopment in cyberspace is that,again, as Castronova puts it, “one does not find much democracy at all in
synthetic worlds.” (1) The one real exception is a world called “A Tale in the Desert.” (2) Democracy has not broken out across cyberspace, or on the Internet. Instead, democracy is a rare exception to a fairly strong rule—that the “owner” of the space is the sovereign. And in Castronova’s view, the owner is not ordinarily a very good sovereign: In sum, none of the worlds, to my knowledge, has ever evolved institutions of good government. Anarchy reigns in all worlds. (3)
I 287
To the extent sites are sovereign, they aremerchant-sovereigns.Our relationship
to them is the same as our relationship to McDonald’s.
I 288
David Post: Communities in cyberspace, Post argues, are governed by “rule-sets.”We can understand these rule-sets to be the requirements, whether embedded in the architecture
or promulgated in a set of rules, that constrain behavior in a particular place.

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