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I 72
Def East coast code/Terminology/Lessig: The technique is as old as government itself: using commands to control. In our country, it is a primarily East Coast (Washington, D.C.) activity. Call it “East Coast Code.”
The other is the code that code writers “enact”—the instructions imbedded in the software and hardware that make cyberspace work. This is code in its modern sense. It regulates in the ways I’ve begun to describe. The code of Net95, for example, regulated to disable centralized control; code that encrypts
regulates to protect privacy. In our country (MIT excepted), this kind of code writing is increasingly aWest Coast (SiliconValley, Redmond) activity.We can call it “West Coast Code.”
I 96
David Johnson began Counsel Connect (CC) in 1992 as an online lawyers’ cooperative. The idea was simple: Give subscribers access to each other; let them engage in conversations with each other; and through this access and these conversations, value would be created. Lawyers would give and take work; they would contribute ideas as they found ideas in the space.A different kind of law practice would emerge—less insular, less exclusive,more broadly based.
I 97
But CC was like AOL in one important way: It was not a democracy and neither is AOL. Management in both cases controls what will happen in the space—again, not without constraint, because themarket is an important constraint.

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