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Stephen Jay Gould on Toleration - Dictionary of Arguments

II 274
Tolerance/Creationism/Evolutionary Theory/GouldVsCreationism/Gould: the enemy is not fundamentalism, it is intolerance. In this case, intolerance is perverse because it disguises itself with the "liberal" rhetoric of "equal expenditure of time" for dealing with creationism in the classroom. Example:
II 271
The Butler Act of 1925: according to this act it is forbidden for all teachers in public schools to teach any theories that deny the history of the Divine Creation of humanity as it is taught in the Bible. The Butler Act was not repealed until 1967.
In 1973, the Senate of Tennessee passed a "Genesis Law" with 69 to 16 votes. It prescribes the same amount of time for evolution and creation, prescribing a denial in all textbooks, according to which any statement about the origin of humanity and its creation is not presented as a scientific fact.

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