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Danto III 229
Natural state/Hobbes/Danto: According to Hobbes, there was no sign of civilization in the natural state and the history (story) of bare life should be a monotonous repetition of beating and rape: If there has been a history in itself, then it is thanks to religion, and according to Nietzsche it is also due to the mind, which was created by the powerless (Danto: the priests). (F. Nietzsche: Jenseits von Gut und Böse, VI. 2, p. 281).
Sense/Life/Nietzsche/Danto: From here, the meaning of religion can only be properly estimated: The human being, the animal human being, has so far had no sense. His existence on earth had no purpose; he did not know how to justify himself, to explain, to affirm. (ibid., p. 429.).

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Nie I
Friedrich Nietzsche
Sämtliche Werke: Kritische Studienausgabe Berlin 2009

Nie V
F. Nietzsche
Beyond Good and Evil 2014

Danto I
A. C. Danto
Connections to the World - The Basic Concepts of Philosophy, New York 1989
German Edition:
Wege zur Welt München 1999

Danto III
Arthur C. Danto
Nietzsche as Philosopher: An Original Study, New York 1965
German Edition:
Nietzsche als Philosoph München 1998

Danto VII
A. C. Danto
The Philosophical Disenfranchisement of Art (Columbia Classics in Philosophy) New York 2005

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