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Friedrich Nietzsche on Judaism - Dictionary of Arguments

Danto III 203
Judaism/Jews/Nietzsche/Danto: Nietzsche's attitude towards the Jews has proved to be a delicate and controversial matter. He himself was not an anti-Semite. In his early years, however, he was under Wagner's influence. His sister Elisabeth Förster-Nietzsche, who was married to Bernhard Förster, an anti-Semite, tried to exert influence.
((s) Later she succeeded in doing so by influencing the first complete edition of Nietzsche's works, 1892).
Danto: Nietzsche had only scorn and contempt for anti-Semitism, even though he was not a pro-Semite. Problematic sections in his works are for example:
In this reversal of values (...) lies the meaning of the Jewish people: with them begins the slave rebellion of morality." (F. Nietzsche: Jenseits von Gut und Böse, KGW VI. 2, p. 119.)
Danto: Nietzsche could not reasonably require his readers to have the necessary sensitivity to not see such dictations as an accusation of the Jews in the face of the evil in the modern world. Although he was not anti-Semite, his language is misleading to the point of irresponsibility.

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Höffe I 377
Judaism/Antisemitism/Nietzsche/Höffe: Nietzsche is usually accused of anti-Semitism. It is true that some passages, especially when they are taken out of context, can be read that way. In Aphorism No. 475(1), however, the clear opposite takes place, for here Nietzsche sharply condemns the anti-Semitism of the time. He emphasizes for Judaism a "mental and will capital accumulated in a long school of suffering from generation to generation" and recalls that the world owes Judaism "the noblest man (Christ), the purest sage (Spinoza), the most powerful book and the most effective moral law in the world.

1. F. Nietzsche Ein Blick auf den Staat. In: F. Nietzsche, Menschliches, Allzumenschliches, 1878

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