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Gilles Deleuze on Science - Dictionary of Arguments

Sokal I 192
Science/Deleuze/Guattari/Bricmont/Sokal/SokalVsDeleuze/SokalVsGuattari: Other sources: Rosenberg and others deal with the pseudo-science of Deleuze and Guattari (M. R. Rosenberg, Dynamic and thermodynamic tropers of the subject in Freud and in Deleuze and Guattari. Postmodern Culture 4, no. 1.1993) and Canning (P. Canning, „The crack of time and the ideal game“ in: Constantin V. Boundas and Dorothea Olkowski (Ed.) Gilles Deleuze and the Theater of Philosophy, New York 194 pp. 73-98.) and the conference at Warwick University in 1997: "Deleuze/Guattari and Matter".

Cf. for the correct use of some concepts: >Chaos
, >Function, >Motion.
For the correct use of the concepts of physics and mathematics see >Sokal/Bricmont and >Feynman, >Thorne.

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Deleuze I
Gilles Deleuze
Felix Guattari
Qu’est-ce que la philosophie, Paris 1991
German Edition:
Was ist Philosophie? Frankfurt/M. 2000

Hum I
G. Deleuze
David Hume , Frankfurt 1997

Sokal I
Alan Sokal
Jean Bricmont
Fashionabel Nonsense. Postmodern Intellectuals Abuse of Science, New York 1998
German Edition:
Eleganter Unsinn. Wie die Denker der Postmoderne die Wissenschaften missbrauchen München 1999

Sokal II
Alan Sokal
Fashionable Nonsense: Postmodern Intellectuals’ Abuse of Science New York 1999

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