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I 19
Definition second nature/McDowell: Nature includes the second nature acquired by conceptual skills whose interrelationships belong to the logical space of reasons.
Second nature(s): internalised background of norms borrowed from nature.
I 109/110
Second nature/McDowell: it cannot float freely above the possibilities that belong to the normal human organism. >Education.
I 114
Second Nature/McDowell: Our education updates some of the potentials with which we were born. But:
Animal/Human/McDowell: this is not an adding to our animal nature. No admixture.
I 118
Second Nature/McDowell: Thesis: There are rules of nature, whether one is receptive to it or not. This is the result of proper upbringing. "Naturalism of second nature","Naturalized Platonism".
Naturalized Platonism/McDowell: the structure of the space of reasons has autonomy.
But it cannot be derived from truths about humans.
It is not unbridled: not isolated from the "merely human". (Instead: sensitivity through education).
I 121
McDowellVsPlatonism: any platonism means that the norms are on the opposite side of the abyss. Wittgenstein's Quietism recognizes this as a pseudo-problem.
Meaning/McDowellVsDualism: Solution: second nature. The idea of education ensures that the autonomy of meaning is not inhuman. This does not raise any real questions about norms.

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McDowell I
John McDowell
Mind and World, Cambridge/MA 1996
German Edition:
Geist und Welt Frankfurt 2001

McDowell II
John McDowell
"Truth Conditions, Bivalence and Verificationism"
Truth and Meaning, G. Evans/J. McDowell,

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