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Risks: Risks are the possibility of something considered negative happening. The assessment of risks influences current actions. While the corresponding events lie in the future, the risks exist in the present. See also Predictions, Knowledge, Actions, Behavior, Certainty, Future.
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Ulrich Beck on Risks - Dictionary of Arguments

I 10
Risk/Threat/Society/Beck: ....these threats become stowaways of normal consumption.
I 18
Dangers today are supranational and class unspecific global threats.
, >Society/Beck, >Society.
I 29
Civilizing self-endangerment potentials: 5 theses:
1. risks often release irreversible damage, usually remaining essentially invisible in the core...
I 30
...and open to social definition processes.
2. the distribution and increase of risks give rise to social threat situations. They contain a boomerang effect. At the same time, they produce international inequalities.
3. modernisation risks are the unfinishable needs sought by economists. They are big business. They are a needfull barrel without bottom. You could say with Luhmann that they are "self-referential".
I 31
4. wealth can be possessed, but one is affected by risks; they are assigned, as it were, by civilization.
In class situations, being determines consciousness, while in situations of danger, consciousness determines being. Knowledge takes on a new political significance. Accordingly, the political potential must be developed and analysed in a theory of the emergence and dissemination of knowledge about risks.
5. What was previously considered unpolitical becomes political - the elimination of the "causes" in the industrialization process itself. These include side effects of side effects: such as market collapses, bureaucratic controls, legal proceedings and loss of face.
>Court proceedings, >Bureaucracy, >Industrialization, >Progress.
I 33
Threats/Beck: are often minimized by describing them as "safe on average".
I 52
Class opposition/Beck: anyone who is affected by threats does not take away anything from unaffected people. Affectedness and non-affectedness do not polarize like possession and non-possession.

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Beck I
U. Beck
Risk Society: Towards a New Modernity. New Delhi 1992
German Edition:
Risikogesellschaft Frankfurt/M. 2015

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