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Society: "Society" refers to a group of individuals living together in a community, sharing common norms, values, and institutions, and often governed by established rules or laws. It encompasses social interactions, relationships, and collective organization within a given geographical or cultural context. See also Community, Culture, State, Norms, Values, Institutions.
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Ulrich Beck on Society - Dictionary of Arguments

I 15
Society/Beck: In its implementation, the industrial society says goodbye to the stage of world history. This is done via the back stairs of the side effect(s).
I 17
Def risk society/Beck: While in the industrial society the "logic" of wealth production dominates the "logic" of risk production, this relationship is changing in the risk society.
I 19
The industrial society is, according to its layout, a semi-modern society whose built-in countermodernity is nothing old, traditional, but industrial-social construction and product. The structural image of the industrial society is based on a contradiction between the universal content of modernity and the functional structure of its institutions, in which this...
I 20
...can only be implemented in a particularly selective manner.
I 59
We must distinguish between cultural and political awareness and the actual spread of risks.
I 60
The evidence of need suppresses the perception of risks.
I 67
Risk society/Beck: Thesis: this is also a form of impoverishment.

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Beck I
U. Beck
Risk Society: Towards a New Modernity. New Delhi 1992
German Edition:
Risikogesellschaft Frankfurt/M. 2015

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