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Competence, philosophy, language philosophy: competence is the ability to handle specific tasks. This ability can affect the knowledge of sentences or the application of rules. It is disputed which competencies are innate for the application of rules. The antonym to language competence is language performance.
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Ulrich Beck on Competence - Dictionary of Arguments

I 70
Competence/Society/knowledge/risks/Beck: the potential threat is evident to everyone concerned, no special knowledge means are required: no measurement procedures, no statistical survey, etc. The affectedness is clear and in this sense independent of knowledge.
However, when it comes to the question of the extent of affectedness, the person afftected is dependent on foreign knowledge. The people affected become incompetent in matters of their own concern.
, >Knowledge, >Society/Beck, >Society.
I 71
To the extent that threats are dependent on interpretation, they are sources from which questions gush forth to that the ones concerned do not know the answers.
Decisions on risks are never only decisions on knowledge content, but also decisions on affected parties: on the scope and nature of the threat, the level of threat, the group of people involved, late effects, measures, persons responsible, compensation claims.

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Beck I
U. Beck
Risk Society: Towards a New Modernity. New Delhi 1992
German Edition:
Risikogesellschaft Frankfurt/M. 2015

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