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Georg Henrik von Wright on Conventionalism - Dictionary of Arguments

I 31
Definition Conventionalism/Wright, G. H.: a view of natural laws that is alternative to the classical positivist view: a scientific law can thereafter be immune to empirical refutation, since it is analytical, logical true. Assuming that all A are B. If it turns out that something that is supposedly an A is not a B, then in reality it is not an A after all.
I 157
Conventionalism/Poincaré/Wright: The position that is called conventionalism in science theory is originally related to the name Henri Poincaré. The main source is H. Poincaré, La science et l' hypothèse, 1902, Chap. V - VII.
In its most extreme form, I believe, this position is reflected in the works of Hans Cornelius and Hugo Dingler.
Most representatives of conventionalism were philosophically close to positivism.

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WrightCr I
Crispin Wright
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German Edition:
Wahrheit und Objektivität Frankfurt 2001

WrightCr II
Crispin Wright
"Language-Mastery and Sorites Paradox"
Truth and Meaning, G. Evans/J. McDowell, Oxford 1976

WrightGH I
Georg Henrik von Wright
Explanation and Understanding, New York 1971
German Edition:
Erklären und Verstehen Hamburg 2008

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