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Gadamer I 221
Sense/History/Droysen/Gadamer: [by means of the term] the expression (...) historical reality rises into the sphere of the meaningful, and thus in Droysen's methodological self-contemplation hermeneutics becomes master over history: "The individual is understood in the whole, and the whole from the individual" (§ 10)(1). >Understanding/Droysen.
Gadamer: This is the old rhetorical-hermeneutical basic rule, which is now turned inward:
Schleiermacher: "The one who understands, because he or she is an I, a totality in him- or herself, like the one he or she has to understand, the person's totality is complemented by the individual utterance and the individual utterance by its totality. "That's Schleiermacher's formula. In its application lies that Droysen shares its premise, that is, the history which he sees as acts of freedom is nevertheless deeply understandable and meaningful to him as a text.
Droysen: The completion of the understanding of history is, like the understanding of a text, "spiritual presence".
DroysenVsRanke/Gadamer: So we see Droysen more clearly defining than Ranke what research and understanding implies in terms of mediation, but in the end he too is only able to conceive the task of history in aesthetic-hermeneutic
Gadamer I 222
categories. According to Droysen, what history is striving for is to reconstruct the great text of history from the fragments of tradition.

1. J.G. Droysen, Grundriss der Historik, 1868

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