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Positivism, philosophy: modern positivism represents the demand to trace back statements with a claim to explanation to differences which can be ascertained in the objects of investigation. What is ascertainable is, in this case, relativized to a framework theory and its methods. This is intended to exclude foreign and non-verifiable statements. See also empiricism, internal/external, truth, provability.

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Johann Gustav Droysen on Positivism - Dictionary of Arguments

Pfotenhauer IV 60
Positivism/History/DroysenVsBuckle/Droysen: (J. G. Droysen: Erhebung der Geschichte zum Rang einer Wissenschaft, in HZG 9, (1863), p. 1-22.). Since Droysen's criticism of Buckle's History of Civilization (H. Th. Buckle, History of Civilization in England, London 185ff.) in England, efforts have been increasing to identify the historical sciences and their subject matter as a separate domain of intellectual activity. Buckle's work could be considered representative of the attempt to create a positivist programme for the different areas of historical and social life. Following on from Comte, the constant relations between observable phenomena should be recorded (A. Comte, Discours sur l' Esprit positif, Paris 1844, German. Hamburg 1956, S.. 26ff) instead of speculating metaphysically about "actual" causes. .... The presumption that all historical phenomena are causally determined would then become the leading precondition for historical research. This would be done for the sake of the methodical ideal of an exact, always repeatable, situation-independent observation and analysis.

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Droys I
J. G. Droysen
Grundriss der Historik Paderborn 2011

Pfot I
Helmut Pfotenhauer
Die Kunst als Physiologie. Nietzsches ästhetische Theorie und literarische Produktion. Stuttgart 1985

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