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Georg Henrik von Wright on Causal Explanation - Dictionary of Arguments

I 18
Causal explanation/Wright, G. H.: consists in the subsumption of individual facts under hypothetically accepted general laws of nature, including laws of "human nature".
I 153
Human Nature in Causal Explanation/Mill: (J. St. Mill, A System of Logic, Book VI, Chapter iii, Section. 2):.... it can be said that the science of human nature is present to the extent that the existing truths which form the practical knowledge of human nature can be represented as corollaries from the universally general laws of human nature on which they are based.

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WrightCr I
Crispin Wright
Truth and Objectivity, Cambridge 1992
German Edition:
Wahrheit und Objektivität Frankfurt 2001

WrightCr II
Crispin Wright
"Language-Mastery and Sorites Paradox"
Truth and Meaning, G. Evans/J. McDowell, Oxford 1976

WrightGH I
Georg Henrik von Wright
Explanation and Understanding, New York 1971
German Edition:
Erklären und Verstehen Hamburg 2008

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