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Causation, Philosophy: It is difficult to locate influences that can be clearly defined as causes for concrete physical processes. The difficulty is also based on the fact that most authors of philosophy share an accepted skepticism concerning the observability of causality. (cf. D. Hume, An enquiry concerning human understanding, Oxford, 2000 und D. Hume, A treatise of human nature, Oxford 2007). See also single-case causation, causality, cause, causal explanation, best explanation, explanation, conditions, sufficiency, necessity, causal dependence, counterfactual dependence.
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William Croft on Causation - Dictionary of Arguments

Gärdenfors I 163
Causation/Croft/Gärdenfors: (Croft, 1991, p.269) Checklist for an "idealized cognitive model of a simple event":
(i) Simple events are segments of the causal network.
(ii) Simple events involve individuals who interact with other individuals (power transmission).
(iii) Power transmission is asymmetric, with separate participants.
(iv) Simple events are non-branched causation chains.
(V) Simple events are independent, i.e. they can be isolated from the rest of the causal network.
Gärdenfors: my own model fulfills most of these conditions. Yet:
I 165
GärdenforsVsCroft: his criteria do not cover all aspects of causation: also the changes to the object (patient) must be considered.

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Croft I
William Croft
Radical Construction Grammar: Syntactic Theory in Typological Perspective Oxford 2001

Gä I
P. Gärdenfors
The Geometry of Meaning Cambridge 2014

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