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Negation, philosophy, logic: negation of a sentence. In logic, this is done by prefixing the negation symbol. Colloquially expressed by the word "not", which can be at different positions in the sentence. If the negation refers only to one sentence part, this must be made clear by the position, e.g. a predicate can be denied without negating the whole sentence. In logic, therefore, inner and outer negation is distinguished by the use of different symbols.

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G��rdenfors on Negation - Dictionary of Arguments

I 238
Negation/linguistics/semantics/Gärdenfors: we should treat negation not truth-functionally because in the language there are forms like "unhook" which have a different form than to add the word "not" to a sentence and reverse its truth value.
Solution/Gärdenfors: we investigate the communicative function of negation. (See Verhagen, 2005)(3).
I 239
Negation/Verhagen: Thesis: negation acts as somethings "that creates space". (Fauconnier, 1984(1); Langacker, 2003(2); Verhagen, 2005(3), pp. 29-30).
Negation/Logic/Gärdenfors: only on the third level of communication (coordination of meanings) negation has its traditional logical role.

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2. Langacker, R. W. (2003). One any. In Korean Linguistics Today and Tomorrow: Proceedings of the 2002 International Conference on Korean Linguistics (pp. 282-300). Seoul:Association for Korean Linguistics
3. Vernhagen, A. (2005). Constructions of intersubjectivity: Discourse, syntax, and cognition. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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P. Gärdenfors
The Geometry of Meaning Cambridge 2014

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