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Ethics, philosophy: ethics is concerned with the evaluation and justification of actions and ultimately a justification of morality. See also good, values, norms, actions, deontology, deontic logic, consequentialism, morals, motives, reasons, action theory.
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Homer on Ethics - Dictionary of Arguments

Taureck I 44
Ethics/Homer/Taureck: there is only one place where there is a reflection on the ethical world order. Moral values affect man and woman in different ways:
The value of man is determined by courage and power.
I 45
Ethics/Homer/Taureck: ethics is a peculiar horizon of the difference between freedom and necessity. In the Odyssey, Zeus criticizes the fact that human beings have assumed a form of freedom in the necessity of the course of the world, they are informed of, which does not belong to them.
I 46
Ethics/Homer/Taureck: even Zeus can only explore fate. For this he uses a golden scale.
In Homer, there is no moral God who judges human actions.

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Taureck I
B. H.F. Taureck
Die Sophisten Hamburg 1995

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