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Epicurus: was the founder of the Epicurean school, 342 -271 BC Chr. He was influenced by Democritus and Aristotle. He founded a community with like-minded people in his home in Athens. According to Epicurus, being is in the things, not behind or above them. (See Der kleine Pauly, Lexikon der Antike, Munich 1979).
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Th.W. Adorno on Epicurus - Dictionary of Arguments

Adorno XIII 209
Epicurus/Adorno: the tradition is quite problematic and incomplete. We only have a fully developed epicurean doctrine in the poem of Lucrez "De rerum natura", which originates from the late republican Roman times.(1)
>Epicurus as an author
XIII 210
VsEpicurus/VsMaterialism/Adorno: also Epicurus has not escaped the accusation against all materialists, to be puritan, ascetic.
The theory of the epicurus was averse to the radical picture of hedonism, for instance, as in Aristippus, who described the immediate and here to obtained pleasure as the only thing worth living for, and yet, despite its moderate consequences, and often with the Stoa itself touching ethics of heresy it is forfeited as hedonistic.
>Stoicism, >Ethics.

1. Lukrez de rerum natura. Lateinisch/Deutsch: (04/29/2023)
Englisch: (04/29/2023)

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