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Aesthetics: aesthetics is generally the doctrine of perception in the philosophical tradition. In the narrower sense it is the investigation of the question of why we find certain things beautiful or ugly. Here, historical changes as well as cultural differences are taken into account. In modernity, the question of the enlightenment effect and the social power of works of art has also become relevant. See also art, works of art, beauty, perception, society, autonomy, recognition.
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Walter Benjamin on Aesthetics - Dictionary of Arguments

Bolz II 19
Aesthetics/Benjamin: Benjamin announces its claim in the concept of criticism. Especially through romantic Kant-reception with Friedrich Schlegel.
Bolz II 15
History/Benjamin: History is interwoven with aesthetics in Benjamin.
Bolz II 107
Aesthetics/Benjamin: asthetics becomes the new leading science as perception science. Objects: fashion, advertising, afichen (posters), architecture, everything becomes the decipherable picture. Liberation of the object from the aura.
>Aura, >Image, >Code, >Interpretation.
Bolz II 109
The key function ia assembly and image labeling. Extreme: the "literary spectrum of a photo in detail and the plan of structurality.

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Bo I
N. Bolz
Kurze Geschichte des Scheins München 1991

Bolz II
Norbert Bolz
Willem van Reijen
Walter Benjamin Frankfurt/M. 1991

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