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Representation, philosophy: representations are adopted internal conditions, such as visual imaginations or linguistic completions, which set in as associations or are possibly developed by reconstruction. In a wider sense, sentences, words, and symbols are representations within a character system. See also truth maker, idea, sentences, propositions, intensions, correspondence, speech act theory.

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Jean-Francois Lyotard on Representation - Dictionary of Arguments

Seel III 160f
Sublime/Representation/Lyotard: "Representation of the unrepresentable".
Seel: what actually follows from it? It follows that much remains unrepresented in every representation but it is by no means impossible to accurately identify and characterize a flower. The real, which is recognizable, is the same real, which cannot be recognized exhaustively.
>Inference, >Conclusion, >Description levels, >Levels/Order, cf. The logical flaw of >the "overarching general".

Def Reality/Seel: the real is the "what about" (German: worüber) of accurate representations - which nevertheless often proves to be unrepresentable. The unrepresentable is nothing outside of the representable. It is itself a relationship of the ability to represent.

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