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Endurantism: Endurantism is an expression for the conception that objects exist at all times in total to which they exist at all. They gain and lose properties, however, as an object which simply acquires or loses these properties - e.g. a certain age. The counterposition is the Perdurantism, which assumes that objects consist of temporal parts, each of which is identical with the whole object and must be described as these, that is, as objects-to-a-point of time. See also change, movement, time, person, identity, temporal identity, four-dimensionalism, naked individuals, intrinsic, extrinsic, world lines.
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Peter van Inwagen on Endurantism - Dictionary of Arguments

Schwarz I 34
Endurantism/Van Inwagen/Schwarz: e.g. caterpillar/butterfly: thesis: there is no insect, nothing that exists beyond the pupation.
Recombination/mereology/Schwarz: the existence of temporal parts follows directly from the mereological universalism together with the rejection of the presentism. Then there are also example aggregates from Socrates and the Eiffel Tower (mereological sum). Socrates is a temporal part of it, which at some point ceases to exist, just as e.g. a dried-out lake that fills up again during the rainy season.
Temporal parts/van Inwagen: (van Inwagen 1981)(1) van Inwagen basically rejects temporal parts.
, >Parts, >Part-of-relation, >Temporal parts, >Mereological sum.
SchwarzVsInwagen: then he has to radically limit the mereological universalism or be a 'presentist'.
Cf. >Perdurantism.

1. Peter van Inwagen [1981]: “The Doctrine of Arbitrary Undetached Parts”. Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, 62: 123–137.

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Inwagen I
Peter van Inwagen
Metaphysics Fourth Edition

Schw I
W. Schwarz
David Lewis Bielefeld 2005

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