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Proportions: Proportions are comparisons of two ratios, written as equations with two equal fractions. They are used to solve problems involving rates, ratios, and percentages. See also Measurements, Comparisons, Comparability, Numbers.
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Richard Feynman on Proportions - Dictionary of Arguments

I 155
Measure/Ratio/Proportions/Feynman: since every relationship is largely close to a rational relationship, we can treat every relationship as precisely as we wish.
I 330
Proportionality/To the Square/Feynman/(s): proportionality is not simply about "correspondence", otherwise we could say that it did not matter whether something is proportional to the simple or the square. It is rather about the fact that the sizes are the same, if different baselines are chosen.
>Invariance, >Covariance, >Measurement/Field, >Physics/Field,
>Quantities/Field, >Symmetries/Field.

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Feynman I
Richard Feynman
The Feynman Lectures on Physics. Vol. I, Mainly Mechanics, Radiation, and Heat, California Institute of Technology 1963
German Edition:
Vorlesungen über Physik I München 2001

Feynman II
R. Feynman
The Character of Physical Law, Cambridge, MA/London 1967
German Edition:
Vom Wesen physikalischer Gesetze München 1993

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