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Ceteris paribus: Philosophy of Science - "all other things being equal". Requirement for conducting experiments. In practice virtually never met, inter alia because of the difficulty to assess the relevance of the factors. See also experiments, theories, science, methods, thought experiments.

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John Bigelow on Ceteris paribus - Dictionary of Arguments

I 222
Ceteris paribus/BigelowVsCeteris paribus/Qualification/Qualified Act/Exceptions/Bigelow/Pargetter: Variant: "if no other disturbances exist":
1. Problem: what threatens to turn a law into a tautology, which ultimately reads: "Things move so and so, unless they do not."
2. Problem: The scope of a "qualified" law threatens to become so narrow that nothing more falls into that law.
On the other hand, it will be said that a law has no positive authority at all if it is strictly understood. ((s) > N. Cartwright).
Solution/Bigelow/Pargetter: one can solve the riddle by understanding how laws contain modalities.

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Big I
J. Bigelow, R. Pargetter
Science and Necessity Cambridge 1990

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