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Dialectic: Dialectics in philosophy is a method of reasoning that involves examining opposing ideas and how they interact with each other. It is based on the idea that things are constantly changing and developing, and that this change is driven by contradiction.
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Walter Benjamin on Dialectic - Dictionary of Arguments

Bolz II 14
Dialectic/Benjamin: Benjamin does not produce a synthesis. He lets the opposites collide to create space for the concept of a salvation that cannot be understood as the result of human planning and manipulation.
Bolz II 31f
Dialectic/Benjamin: Benjamin probably thinks dialectically, but not in a Hegelian way.
>Dialectic, >Dialectic/Hegel.
Bolz II 56
Dialectic of Power/Benjamin: the ruler knows that he himself will end up victim of his atrocities. The tyrant is simultaneously a mrtyr. The courtly nobleman is not only perfected in his manners, but at the same time the perfect intriguer.
>Power, >Master/Slave, >Tyranny.
Bolz II 69
"Dialectic at a standstill" means not reaching the goal. The movement continues, but on the spot. Eternal passage. "Nu": "The thing that has been gets flashingly connected to the "Now" into a constellation."
>Process, >Motion, >Present, >Past, >Future, >Time.

1. W. Benjamin, Gesammelte Schriften. Unter Mitwirkung von Th. W. Adorno und Gershom Sholem herausgegeben von Rolf Tiedemann und Hermann Schweppenhäuser Frankfurt/M. 1972-89. Bd I, S 256f.

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Bo I
N. Bolz
Kurze Geschichte des Scheins München 1991

Bolz II
Norbert Bolz
Willem van Reijen
Walter Benjamin Frankfurt/M. 1991

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