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Practise: In philosophy, a practice refers to a habitual or customary way of engaging in intellectual or moral activities, often involving reflection, inquiry, and contemplation. See also Actions, Action theory, Morals, Ethics.
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Martin Heidegger on Practise - Dictionary of Arguments

Figal I 63
Practise/Theory/Philosophy/Heidegger/Figal: Heidegger orientates himself on the original form of the knowledge of life and vitality. He relates the developed form of theoretical philosophy back to the original of practical philosophy. The practical philosophy is also the actually theoretical one.
Figal I 124
Practise/Heidegger: military service, knowledge service, work service.(Rektoratsrede, Rector's speech (German)(1).

1. Martin Heidegger. Die Rektoratsrede: Selbstbehauptung der deutschen Universität. Rede an der Universität Freiburg i. Br. am 27.05. 1933.

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Martin Heidegger
Sein und Zeit Tübingen 1993

Figal I
Günter Figal
Martin Heidegger zur Einführung Hamburg 2016

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