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Continuum hypothesis: The continuum hypothesis is a statement in mathematics that says that there is no set of real numbers whose cardinality is strictly between that of the integers and that of the real numbers. In other words, there are no sets of real numbers that are bigger than the set of integers but smaller than the set of real numbers. See also Continuum, Real numbers, Sets, Set theory.
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David Hilbert on Continuum Hypothesis - Dictionary of Arguments

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Definition continuum hypothesis/Cantor/Berka: (Cantor 1884)(4): if an infinite set of real numbers is not countable, then it is equal to the set of real numbers R itself.
The term "continuum hypothesis" emerged later.
Goedel (1938)(1): Goedel proved the relative consistency in the continuity hypothesis.
Independence/Cohen (1963(2), 64): Cohen proved that the negation of continuum hypothesis is also consistent with the axioms of set theory, that is, he proved the independence of the continuum hypothesis from the set theory(3).
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4. G. Cantor: Über unendliche lineare Punktmannigfaltigkeiten. (1872-1884)

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