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Representation/Presentation: A representation or presentation is a reproduction of an object, event, sign, sound, imagination, memory, etc. The medium of representation can belong to the same domain (e.g. summary of a text) or to another domain (e.g. film about a historical event). In a representation, the levels must always be distinguished. The object is not identical with its representation. See also Image, Pictures, Reproduction, Copy, Media, Levels.
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Christian Thiel on Representation (Presentation) - Dictionary of Arguments

I 134
"Representation"/numbers/numerals/mathematics/Thiel: in our sense a fictional relation to abstraction is the sense that we formulate arithmetic statements like statements about new objects, the numbers, and give these fictional proper names the form "The number n" (with a numeral "n"). "n" (counting sign) and the fictitious object (the number n) then stand in a fictional relation to each other.
, >Mathematical entities.
The abstraction step is carried out only for those properties which are assigned to each digit (Def I 129) equivalent to the number mentioned. Thus, only such properties are said by the new objects, the numbers.
I 135
a) If there is no such property, e and e' are only apparently different. The proper names actually denote the same object.
b) However, we must distinguish this equality from the previously used construction equality, which refers directly to the construction rules. (WaismannVs).
>Equality, >F. Waismann.

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Chr. Thiel
Philosophie und Mathematik Darmstadt 1995

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