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Recognition, philosophy: the ability of a conscious subject to identify a pattern that has already been received by this subject. This ability is no knowledge-how and no quale, since there is no particular way of experience that all the cases of recognition have in common. However, the ability to recognize certain features can be learned, but this is actually an identification and no recognition. See also memory, qualia, knowledge-how, knowledge, computation, identification, individuation, similarity, equality.
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Thomas Aquinas on Recognition - Dictionary of Arguments

Holz II 33
Recognition/Aquinas: "For everything that is ordered to a goal, the rule of its governing and order must be taken from the goal." ((s) The object of the thought determines the thought).
HolzVsAquinas: thus, the method of recognition and the order of the concepts must be determined by the object. This is naively realistic!
According to Descartes, that is to say, if everything is doubtful except thinking itself, the method and order of the concepts must be determined from the point of view of thinking.
Thus, it is possible that the world is posited only by the form of our thinking (Husserl).
, >World/thinking, >E. Husserl.
Husserl: "The natural ground of being is secondary in its self-validity and presupposes the transcendental."

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Holz I
Hans Heinz Holz
Leibniz Frankfurt 1992

Holz II
Hans Heinz Holz
Descartes Frankfurt/M. 1994

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