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Perspective: is the arrangement of objects as it arises with respect to the perception from a geometrical localization of the perceiver within an object space. In a broader sense, taking a foreign perspective also means taking the position of another person or group in the context of a discussion. See also bat example, foreign psychological.
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Kim Sterelny on Perspective - Dictionary of Arguments

I 381
Definition Two Action Test/Method/Experiment/Perspective/Sterelny: Group 1 rats see A: Left lever is pressed.
Group 2 rats see B: right lever is pressed.
1. This allows solutions with more than one behavioral program. A task can be divided into sub-tasks.
2. There must be different but equally appropriate ways of doing the sub-tasks.
E.g. a chimpanzee can do something with the feet just as well as with the hands.
If it now changes, then one can say that it executes the behavioral program correctly, but does not exactly imitate the subordinate tasks.
, >Animals, >Animal language.
I 384
Perspective/animal/mind/Sterelny: instead of assuming that e.g. Chimpanzees can adopt a foreign perspective, the experiments can also be interpreted as: "Beg for food at those who have seen it": this does not need a theory about the internal causes of the behavior or about the role of seeing.
>Behavior, >Explanation, >Theory of mind.
I 385
Extensive behavioral competences cannot be revealed by a single experiment.
Dennett/Whiten: The more situations there are in which primates use the relevance of the direction of view, the more one can say that they understand it as something mediated by the mind.
>Situations/Psychological theories.
SterelnyVsDennett: I see it less metaphysically and more methodically.
>Theory of mind/Dennett, >D. Dennett.

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Der Geist der Tiere, D Perler/M. Wild, Frankfurt/M. 2005

Sterelny II
Kim Sterelny
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