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Thing-in-itself: The concept of the "thing-in-itself," or "Ding an sich" in German, originates from the philosophy of Immanuel Kant. It refers to an object's existence and properties independent of human perception, cognition, or experience. Kant proposed that our knowledge of the world is shaped by our mental faculties and the way our minds organize sensory information. He argued that while we perceive and understand the world through our senses and mental structures, we cannot directly apprehend things as they truly are in themselves. See also reality, absoluteness, cognition, knowledge.
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Friedrich Nietzsche on Thing in itself - Dictionary of Arguments

Danto III 135
Thing in itself/NietzscheVsKant/Nietzsche/Danto: the contrast between "thing by itself" and "appearance" is untenable (...) as well as the terms "subject" and "object" and ultimately also their various modifications e.g. "matter", "mind" and other hypothetical beings, "eternity and unchangeability of matter" etc. We are rid of materiality.(1)
>Things in themselves/Kant
, >Matter, >Mind, >Spirit, >Subject/Nietzsche, >Object, >Subject/Object problem.

1.F. Nietzsche Nachlass, Berlin, 1999, S. 540f.

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