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Coincidence: coincidence is not the absence of a causal explanation, but the coinciding of several events, which were caused by independent causal chains. The determination of a coincidence belongs to the description level and may express the deviation from an expectation. The property of being accidental is not inherent to events. See also determinism, indeterminism, contingency, necessity, probability.
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Ernst Mayr on Coincidence - Dictionary of Arguments

I 105
Coincidence/Mayr: we call a certain mutation coincidental if it is not related to present needs of the organism and is otherwise unpredictable.
, cf. >Necessity.
I 250
Coincidence/Mayr: dominates the variation
Necessity/Mayr: dominates in selection.
Selection: there is no "selective force"!
I 252
Selection: Bates' discovery of mimicry (1862)(1) in edible and poisonous butterflies: first proof of natural selection.
Benefit/Biology: what is the benefit of the emergence of a trait for survival: adaptionist program.
>Adaptation, >Benefit, >Emergence.

1. H.W. Bates (1862). Contributions to an Insect Fauna of the Amazon Valley. In: Trans Linn. Soc. London 23. S. 495-566.

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Mayr I
Ernst Mayr
This is Biology, Cambridge/MA 1997
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Das ist Biologie Heidelberg 1998

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