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Facts, philosophy: facts are that which corresponds to a true statement or - according to some authors - is identical with a true statement. Problems result from possible multiple counting of objects, e.g. when it is spoken of a situation and additionally by the fact that this situation exists. Therefore, some authors consider the assumption of facts as something superfluous. See also truths of reason, factual truths, facts, truth, statements, knowledge, certainty, thought objects.
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Ernst Mayr on Facts - Dictionary of Arguments

I 49
Facts/Mayr: there are no pure facts, all are theory-laden.
, >Theory dependence, >Observation, >Theory ladenness.
I 49
Def knowledge/Mayr: facts and their interpretation.
>States of affairs, >Interpretation.
I 93
Fact/theory/law/Mayr: after the discovery of Pluto a theory became a fact. The laws of thermodynamics were just able to be called facts.
>Laws, >Laws of nature.
E.g. that birds have feathers is, however, a fact and not a law.
>Generalization, >Generality.
I 96
Biology/Mayr: here concepts play a bigger role than laws.
>Concepts, >Classification/Mayr, >Order/Mayr.

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Mayr I
Ernst Mayr
This is Biology, Cambridge/MA 1997
German Edition:
Das ist Biologie Heidelberg 1998

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