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Systems, philosophy of science: systems are compilations of rules for the formation of statements on a previously defined subject domain. Apart from the - usually recursive - rules for the combination of expressions or signs, the specification of the vocabulary or sign set of the system is also required. See also axioms, axiom systems, theories, strength of theories, expressiveness, rules, order, recursion, models, structure, system theory.
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Ernst Mayr on Systems - Dictionary of Arguments

I 202
The 1930s: drastic restructuring. New: Monera (prokaryotes): Bacteria and their relatives are fundamentally different from eukaryotes.
From the origin of life (before approx. 3.8 billion years ago) up to about 1.8 billion years ago, there were exclusively prokaryotes.
Fossils: the earliest evidence of multicellular organisms is approximately 670 million years old.

Superior Kingdom Prokaryota (Monera)
Kingdom Eubacteria
Kingdom Archaebacteria

Superior Kingdom Eukaryota
Kingdom Archaezoa
Kingdom Protozoa
Kingdom Chromista
Kingdom Metaphyta (Plants)
Kingdom Fungi
Kingdom Metazoa (Animals)

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Mayr I
Ernst Mayr
This is Biology, Cambridge/MA 1997
German Edition:
Das ist Biologie Heidelberg 1998

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