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Morals: morals refers to a more or less coded set of rules, action maxims, duties and prohibitions within a society or group. Most of these rules are unconsciously internalized among the members of the society or group. Their justification and the possible assessment of actions are reflected in ethics and meta ethics. See also values, norms, rights, ethics.
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Ernst Mayr on Morals - Dictionary of Arguments

Definition Moral Being/Darwin: a being capable of considering his past actions and their motives and approving some, and rejecting others.
, >Motives, >Values, >Judgments, >Ethics.
I 332
Moral/Russell: is objectively correct, which serves the interest of the group best.
I 333
Moral/Wilson: what is best for the group. It could be a disadvantage if all human groups had the same morality!
The rank of a norm also varies from culture to culture.
>Norms, >Culture, >Cultural Values, >Value Change.
I 334
Moral/Group: depends on the group size. If primitive groups are too large, the leaders lose control.
>Group behavior, >Group cohesion.

1. E. O. Wilson (1975). Sociobiology: The new Synthesis. Belknap Press of Harvard University Press.

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