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Method: a method is a procedure agreed on by participants of a discussion or research project. In the case of violations of a method, the comparability of the results is in particular questioned, since these no longer come from a set with uniformly defined properties of the elements.
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Ernst Mayr on Method - Dictionary of Arguments

I 154
"Kinship"/biology: can only be determined by comparisons! (VsPhysicists, who dispute the science of biology).
, >Comparability, >Systems, >Theories, >Science,
>Laws of Nature, >Physics.
I 153
Biology: expression coined around 1800 by Lamarck.
I 154
1870: Division:
a) Biology of evolutionary causes (research by comparisons and conclusions)
b) biology of immediate causes, (experiments and physiology)
With the discovery that the cell mechanisms in plants and animals are the same, the old separation between botany and zoology seemed no longer useful. Practically all molecular processes are the same.
I 156
Misleading classification: descriptive - functional - experimental biology.
I 189
E.g. Homology/Mayr: Relationship between species and higher taxa is shown by the occurrence of homologous characteristics. That is, a feature that is derived from the same feature of its next common ancestor.
>Features/Mayr, >Homology.
I 373
One always has to conclude homology!
For homology there are many proofs, e.g. position of a structure in relation to other structures, also transitional forms with fossil ancestors.

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Mayr I
Ernst Mayr
This is Biology, Cambridge/MA 1997
German Edition:
Das ist Biologie Heidelberg 1998

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