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Colours: in philosophy, the problem of coulour is, among other things, the question of how individual sensory impressions can be generalized or objectified. See also qualities, qualia, perception, inverted spectra, private language.
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Konrad Lorenz on Colour - Dictionary of Arguments

Lorenz I 20
Colors/aggression/animal kingdom: Strongly colored fish are not to be held together in a small space. At most a single fish in a group of differently colored.
I 21
The more colorful, the more resident and more aggressive.
I 23
The most aggressive (strong-colored) fish in an aquarium were the ones who had no conspecifics to work off on them.
I 25
The most extreme aggressiveness is in those billboard-colored, wild fishes, which display their belonging through the color at a great distance.
>Psychological theories on Aggression
I 43
Colors/aggression/fish/Lorenz: the residential-bound, strongly colored aggressive fish live in a place where there is particularly abundant and diverse food available: on the coral reef.
I 44
Explanation: here, like in a human colony, they can seize the "most diverse professions".
I 55
Colors/signals/aggression/animal kingdom/Lorenz: where we find strong colors and bizarre forms in males, it is almost always the female who has the last word in the partner selection. The males do not fight.
>Psychological theories on behavior.

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Lorenz I
K. Lorenz
Das sogenannte Böse Wien 1963

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