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William James on Philosophy - Dictionary of Arguments

Diaz-Bone I 139
Philosophy/Pluralism/James: The Philosophy of AND and the SOMETHING: The connections between the elements and the ideas must be just as real as the elements, parts or imagination.
Connection: "It is possible that some parts of the world are only loosely linked by the word "and". These parts come and go without affecting the others.
There is no single thing that would encircle all the others, even when things are all interrelated.
Pluralism: pluralism rejects the decision whether things are absolutely unrelated (absolute pluralism) or all are connected (absolute monism).
I 140
Pluralism/James: with this his pluralism claimes to grasp the "grayscale" of reality. Philosophy of SOMETHING. Every part of the world is linked to other parts in some respects, in others not. Cf. >"Mosaic", >Humean World.

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James I
R. Diaz-Bone/K. Schubert
William James zur Einführung Hamburg 1996

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