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Colours: in philosophy, the problem of coulour is, among other things, the question of how individual sensory impressions can be generalized or objectified. See also qualities, qualia, perception, inverted spectra, private language.
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Frank Jackson on Colour - Dictionary of Arguments

McGinn II 34
Colors/Frank Jackson/E.g. Mary: the famous color researcher Mary was born and raised in a black and white room. She is a gifted physicist and learns everything physical, what there is to know about the human brain. (with a black/white monitor).
One day she is released into the colored outside world. (She is not color blind).
N.B.: she says: "I have learned" how it is "to perceive the color red." (How it feels).
McGinn/Jackson: if true, then she did not know all about the mind, when she was in her room, although she knew everything about the brain.
Jackson: Mary-example: (color researcher in the room): "know-how-it-is" - without this, there is no complete knowledge. - Mary, as a brain researcher, does not yet know all about the mind.
>Knowing how
, >Qualia, >Experience.
Schwarz I 160
Color researcher Mary/Jackson: (1998c)(1): Jackson is of the opinion that the consequences of the Mary example are so implausible that a mistake must be stuck somewhere.

1. Frank Jackson [1998c]: “Postscript on Qualia”. In [Jackson 1998b], 76–80

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Jackson I
Frank C. Jackson
From Metaphysics to Ethics: A Defence of Conceptual Analysis Oxford 2000

McGinn I
Colin McGinn
Problems in Philosophy. The Limits of Inquiry, Cambridge/MA 1993
German Edition:
Die Grenzen vernünftigen Fragens Stuttgart 1996

McGinn II
C. McGinn
The Mysteriouy Flame. Conscious Minds in a Material World, New York 1999
German Edition:
Wie kommt der Geist in die Materie? München 2001

Schw I
W. Schwarz
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