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Protocol sentence, philosophy of science: A protocol sentence is a sentence that documents an observation together with the place and time, as well as (eventually) the observation facilities and experimental conditions used. Problems arise in connection with differences in relation to the possible subject domain and the terms used when different theories or theory extensions are applied. Other descriptions are basic or observational sentences. See also theory-ladenness of meaning, empiricism, observation sentence, observation language, theoretical entities, theoretical terms.
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Hennig Genz on Protocol Sentences - Dictionary of Arguments

II 114
Terms/Popper/Genz: terms no longer have to be definable by base sentences.
Weaker: instead: the terms are required to derive base sentences.
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Gz I
H. Genz
Gedankenexperimente Weinheim 1999

Henning Genz
Wie die Naturgesetze Wirklichkeit schaffen. Über Physik und Realität München 2002

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