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Translation, philosophy: philosophically interesting in the transmission of a text into another language is its indeterminateness - the fundamental impossibility of choosing between available competing versions, if the source language is too little known. See also Gavagai, idiolect, uncertainty of translation, indeterminacy, translation manual, ostension, pointing.
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Walter Benjamin on Translation - Dictionary of Arguments

Bolz II 45
Translation/Benjamin: a translation cannot be made directly from the one language into the other, but it can only work mediated. Translation: that the human names things as God has given it to him. "The objectivity of this translation is vouched in God." This excludes two things:
1. abstract similarity relation
2. that language can be adequately described in terms of semiotics.
>Word of God
, >Names/Benjamin.
Translation: Each translation undergoes a "continuum of transformations" in which the one language as the translation of the other remains related to the unchangeable Word of God, whose imperfect imitation are all of them.
Bolz II 50
Translation/Benjamin: "The task of the translator": the translation is subordinate to the original. Also the original is however itself a translation.
Bolz II 50f
Translation: a translation is not a comparison with the original, but only with regard to whether the translation, the intentionless, is the same as the original.
>Language/Benjamin, >Words, >Expression.

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Bo I
N. Bolz
Kurze Geschichte des Scheins München 1991

Bolz II
Norbert Bolz
Willem van Reijen
Walter Benjamin Frankfurt/M. 1991

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