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Materialism: A. Materialism in philosophy of mind is the view that matter is the fundamental substance in nature, and that all things, including mental states and consciousness, are results of material interactions of material things. See also Identity theory, Functionalism, Consiousness. - B. Materialism in political philosophy is the view that the material conditions of a society, such as its economic system and technological development, are the primary determinants of its social and political structures. See also Economic systems, Society, State, Economy.
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Th.W. Adorno on Materialism - Dictionary of Arguments

Grenz I 116
Materialism/Adorno/Grenz: Thesis: Materialism would be secularized theology.
BlochVsAdorno/Grenz: Bloch has attacked this very sharply.(1)
, >History/Adorno.
Grenz I 127
Dialectical Materialism/Alfred Schmidt/Grenz: "Like all materialisms, the dialectically one recognizes that the laws and movements of external nature exist independently and outside any consciousness. This in-itself, beomes however, [and thus the dialectic modifies the general materialism] only relevant insofar as it becomes a for-us, that is, insofar as nature is involved in human-social purposes."(2)
>Dialectic, >Laws of nature, >Relevance.

1. E. Bloch, Das Prinzip Hoffnung III p. 1602ff.
2. A. Schmidt Der Begriff der Natur, p. 151.
Adorno XIII 171
Materialism/Adorno: materialism has a certain trait of the polemic, which differs fundamentally from the affirmative trait of all idealistic philosophies.
XIII 174
It is the attitude which opposes naturalness to every manifestation of the mind and ultimately leads to represent the necessity of living as that which decides at all.
XIII 175
He does not only recourse to the subject through the recognition and through reality constituted through recognition, but he refers directly to reality itself from the protest against the illusionary moment in the mind.
XIII 219
Materialism/Adorno: in his monistic as well as in his Marxist-dialectical form, he placed the concept of development in the center, for obvious anti-theological reasons. If neither a creatio ex nihilo nor an eternally self-identical and unchanging being is accepted, the concept of development receives a strong accent. This is surprisingly also found in > Epicurus.

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