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Dialectic: Dialectics in philosophy is a method of reasoning that involves examining opposing ideas and how they interact with each other. It is based on the idea that things are constantly changing and developing, and that this change is driven by contradiction.
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Andrew Levine on Dialectic - Dictionary of Arguments

Gaus I 79
Dialectic/method/analytical marxism/Levine: the analytical Marxists came to realize that dialectical explanations either restate what can be expressed in unexceptionable ways, or else are unintelligible and therefore not explanatory at all. ((s) for „Analytical Marxism“ see >Marxism/Levine.)
(...) plain: if there were a dialectical method that bears constructively on the explanatory aims Marx espoused, it ought by now to have become apparent. That it has not is good reason to conclude that, at most, the dialectic is a way of organizing and directing thinking at a pre-theoretic level. A heuristic device of this sort is not to be despised. But it is not a royal road to knowledge inaccessible to modern science.
Tradition: That Marx was a ‘dialectical materialist’ is an orthodox claim. To be sure, Marx never used the expression.

Levine, Andrew 2004. A future for Marxism?“. In: Gaus, Gerald F. & Kukathas, Chandran 2004. Handbook of Political Theory. SAGE Publications.

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Levine, Andrew
Gaus I
Gerald F. Gaus
Chandran Kukathas
Handbook of Political Theory London 2004

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