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Time: A. Time is a dimension in which events are arranged. At first, no direction (before / after) is defined with this. A time direction can be obtained in the context of the Second Principle of Thermodynamics. However, a global framework must be assumed, within which there is an increase of entropy. The assumption of increasing entropy does not apply to the comparison of local events. B. In the case of the subjective time, the question of direction is less problematic. The perceived time direction is expressed by the learned use of the terms "before" and "after". See also time arrow, time travel, time reversal, symmetry, duration, space time, relativity theory, four-dimensionalism, world lines.

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David Deutsch on Time - Dictionary of Arguments

I 243 ff
There is no flow of time, but the idea of it is highly reasonable.
Even subjectively, "now" does not move through time. - Motion: nothing can move from one moment to another. If something exists in a certain moment, then it always exists. Moment: the snapshots of the observer are not successively in the present. They are not successively aware of their presence. They are all conscious, and subjectively they are all in the present. Objectively there is no present. - We also do not perceive time as flowing or transitory. - ...that the universe changes over time. But it does not move through time.
I 250
There is nothing that can move, stop or flow.
Since there is no time outside of it, it is not coherent to imagine that it can be changed or that it exists in several versions. Moment: a certain moment does not change. Therefore it cannot become present, or stop being present, because these would be changes. Flow of time: if we say when something happened, we do not need a "flow of time" any more than we need a "flow of space" if we say where something happened.
I 265
In the multiverse, snapshots have no "time stamps". Other times are merely special cases of other universes.
"Other moments in our universe" differ from "other universes" only from our point of view.
I 265
Future: relative to an observer, the future is indeed open and the past is fixed.
I 279
Does an acceleration lead into the past, if a deceleration would lead into the future? No. The outside world would only appear to be slowing down. Even if the brain was working at infinite speed, the outside world would appear to be frozen at a certain moment.
I 284
Time machine: would be a place, not a vehicle.
I 299
But here, changing the past is no different from changing the future, as we always do.
Gribbin III 236
Time/Deutsch/Gribbin: if time "flows", we would need a second type of time, which idles, as the "now" passes from one moment to the next - and a third to measure this time, and so on.
III 236
Time/Deutsch: there is no difference between snapshots from different times and from different worlds - past and future would be special cases of Everett's worlds.

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German Edition:
Die Physik der Welterkenntnis München 2000

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John Gribbin
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German Edition:
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