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Gadamer I 427
Thinking/Language/Trinitarian Doctrine/Gadamer: If (...) the doctrine of the inner word means nothing more than the discursivity of human thinking and speaking, how then should the "word" form an analogy to the process of the divine persons of which the Trinitarian doctrine speaks? >Word/Augustine
, >Word/Thomas, >Word of God/Gadamer, >Word of God/Scholasticism.
Isn't the contrast between intuition and discursivity then in the way? Where is the common ground between this and that "process"? It is true that the relationship of the divine persons to one another should not be temporal. Meanwhile, the succession that is characteristic of the discursivity of human thought is basically also not a temporal relationship. When human thinking passes from one to the other, that is, when it thinks this and then that, it is not taken from one to the other. It does not think one thing and then the other in the mere succession of one after the other - which would mean that it would constantly change itself. If it thinks the one and the other, it rather means that it knows what it is doing with them, and that means that it knows how to connect the one with the other. In this respect there is no temporal relationship here, but rather a spiritual process, an emanatio intellectualis. >Trinity/Thomas.

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Trinitarian Doctrine
Gadamer I
Hans-Georg Gadamer
Wahrheit und Methode. Grundzüge einer philosophischen Hermeneutik 7. durchgesehene Auflage Tübingen 1960/2010

Gadamer II
H. G. Gadamer
The Relevance of the Beautiful, London 1986
German Edition:
Die Aktualität des Schönen: Kunst als Spiel, Symbol und Fest Stuttgart 1977

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