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Prediction: Prediction is the process of making a statement about what will happen in the future. It can be based on past experience, current trends, or expert knowledge. See also Statements, Assertions, Method, Knowledge, Future, Certainty.
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Humberto Maturana on Prediction - Dictionary of Arguments

I 28
Prediction/forecast/Maturana: can only be successful in an unchanged environment. - There are no individual events predicted but classes of events.
I 150
Prediction/forecast/hypothesis/observation/Maturana: there is nothing like this in science. - There are only statements and explanations. - These explain the life praxis of the scientist, not an independent reality.
Cf. >Constructivism.
I 172/73
Forecast/prediction/Maturana: only possible if a system is fully described. - It is a calculation of structural changes.
>System/Maturana, >Description/Maturana.
It requires the ability not to confuse the phenomenon domains.
Determinism does not influence the possibility of prediction.
Uncertainty/ambiguity: is there because cognition is the product of ontology of observing and not of an objective reality.
>Cognition, >Objectivity/Maturana, >Reality/Maturana.

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Maturana I
Umberto Maturana
Biologie der Realität Frankfurt 2000

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