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Redundancy theory: comprises the thesis that nothing is added to a true sentence when it is said that it is true. In other words, each sentence asserts its own truth; the appending of the truth predicate "is true" would thus be redundant. See also judgment, truth theory, truth definition, deflationism, minimalism, disquotationalism, all that he said is true, predication.
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Hoyningen-Huene II 56
E.g. "The house is beautiful" is about a house - B. "It is true that the house is beautiful" does not speak of a house, but of a statement (Hoyningen-HueneVsRedundancy Theory).
>Levels (Order)
, >Description level, >Object language, >Meta language.
Read III 40
Redundancy theory VsCorrespondence theory: denies that truth is a predicate. Truth is redundant, it says, inasmuch as the predication of truth from a statement says no more than the assertion of that statement itself. "It is true that A" is the same as "A".
>Correspondence theory, >Fact.
It does not need a theory of truth, because there is no such thing as truth.
Tarski's theorems are true because the right and left sides are essentially identical. They differ only by their notation.
Redundancy Theory Vs Metaphysical Object.
Thesis: Truth is not a property.
VsRedundancy Theory: "is true" is grammatically required, truth is more than repetition: it is force and universality.
Truth is not a property - true statements have no common characteristic.
>Truth criterion.
The truth-predicate adds universality to the fact.
>Truth predicate, >Truth.

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St. Read
Thinking About Logic: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Logic. 1995 Oxford University Press
German Edition:
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